Teen Counseling‚Äč

Does your Teen have Anxiety and/or Depression?

Do they constantly worry?
Experience sudden or frequent panic attacks?
Complain of frequent headaches or stomachaches?
Withdraw, Isolate, and/or struggle with Low Self Esteem?

Put an END to Isolation, Stress Related Illness, Panic Attacks, Avoidance.

Your teen doesn’t have to miss out on school, friends, and fun because of worry, anxiety, and fears.

Working with me will help your teen:

  • Learn to live and accept themselves and find self-worth so they stop compromising their values
  • Learn the skills to manage difficult emotions and find balance so that when they feel sad or anxious, they have the practical tools they need to deal with it in the moment
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries and be more assertive and to say “No” when it matters
  • Learn how to take pride in their work without putting unnecessary pressure or stress on themselves to be perfect.

An integral part of therapy for any adolescent is family involvement.
I do require participation of both parents /guardians (if applicable) at least once a month in a family session to the extent that it is feasible in order to reinforce skills learned in session and to gauge progress and areas of concern. If both parents / guardians cannot attend sessions together due to conflict, separate sessions may be arranged if approved by both parties.

Experience has shown that sharing therapy notes or the content of conversations can harm the trust relationships between myself (the therapist) and teen. No matter how carefully this is explained, the teen can feel betrayed and may no longer wish to be in therapy. Sometimes this breach of trust may have an impact on other relationships as well such as the relationship between the parent/s and the teen. If you are a parent reading this, we will figure out a way to involve you in therapy with your teen while respecting your teen’s privacy.

“The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.”
-African Proverb