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Welcome to iMan Therapy Inc.

Meet Kamal

licensed psychotherapist San Jose

Hi! My name is Kamal. I work primarily with young people (ages 13-25), men, and athletes/creatives. A diverse bunch, I know, but groups of people I am passionate offering support. 

Admittedly, I know it can be uncomfortable reaching out to a “stranger” and potentially spill your guts out in front of. So to reduce some discomfort, I think it’s important to know a bit about me and see if I’m someone you can see me working with. 

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, CA. Now residing in the Sacramento area with my wife and daughter. As cliche as it sounds, I say psychology/counseling found me. As a first gen. Eritrean American Muslim, like many other first gen folks, I struggled fitting in as I was not Eritrean enough nor was I “American enough” (which makes me laugh as I think about it). I was a freshman in highscool when 9/11 occurred which made me question many things such as belonging, identity, and the meaning of life. It was through sports I found a big piece of my identity. Growing up, and currently, I played basketball and enjoyed running on the track. Another cliche (I’m filled with them, I guess) but I really believe sports saved my life, gave me a great deal of purpose, and community. 

After graduating high school, I feel in a slump as I realized I was not good enough to continue playing basketball due to lack of support/guidance. I went to community college and took an introductory psychology class which I fell in love with. From there, I committed myself to the field which began the catalyst  for self reflection. I graduated from San Jose State University after I married my best friend. 

In graduate school, I was confronted with the hard reality that I was the odd one out. That sense of not belonging crept in and still remains years later being one of the few Black male therapists. During graduate school, it was required to engage in 20 hours of therapy which makes . At 27 years old, It was my first time sitting in a therapist’s office which was a huge turning point in my life and confirmation that I was in the right field. 

I graduated with my Masters in Counseling and took interest in working with teens and young adults from the jump because I still felt like one! I took tons of trainings on trauma, anxiety, depression, and family therapy only later to realize that these are merely tools to better support my clients not silver bullet to all issues. Research shows that the most important element in counseling is the therapeutic relationship. Yes, I am certified in Brainspotting and have received other trainings but I’m a firm believer that no amount of training, certificates, trainings, workshops can replace the healing power of presence, which I’m fortunate enough to continue learning each day from my clients. 

During the Pandemic, I was blessed with my daughter. The rest was history 🙂

When my schedule allows for it, I offer support groups for men and teen boys.  Feel free to check out my page and feel free to reach out to see if we would be a right fit for you. 

Be well. 


  • Teens and Young Adults
  • Athletes/Creatives
  • Men’s Mental Health
  • Parent Coaching/Family Therapy

What You Can Expect: 

Sessions with me are 50 minutes for individuals. If you have additional questions, feel free to email/call me.



    • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 2019
    • Masters of Counseling Psychology at Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology), 2016
    • Bachelor’s of Arts Psychology at San Jose State University, 2012

Additional Training:

      • Certified Brainspotting Therapist
      • Emotional Freedom Technique Level 3
      • RLT Level 3 (Relational Life Therapy) with Terry Real
      • CCATP (Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional)
      • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for Anxiety with Beck Institute

Professional Affiliations

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

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