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Counseling for Men

Counseling Men To Get The Life and Love They Want

You’re a man who:
Feels too strong to ask for help, but you might be crumbling on the inside…
Feels like you have to have everything together all of the time but just want to tap out…
Feels angry and irritated and don’t know why…
Feels that no matter how hard you try you don’t feel appreciated for the sacrifices you make for others

Counseling with me can help men with the following challenges:

  • Self-esteem/confidence
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Work/life balance
  • Managing stress
  • Relationship counseling
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Trauma/PTSD

Through counseling, you can learn appropriate ways to communicate to get what you both need. Click the button to get started!

“Only after giving up ‘the truth’ can we learn to speak our truth.” -Terrence Real

Digital Man Cave: a support group for men


Regular guys like you and me learn how to handle life’s challenges

Here are what some guys said about being in Digital Man Cave

“In the beginning of the men’s group I had a lot of questions such as, “will I fit in…is this group for me…should I not share certain things…” etc etc etc. I had self confidence and self doubt issues. But after the group I realized there are other people like me who have similar experiences. It opened my eyes. It also felt good to relate to other men who reminded me that they too go through some stuff and that it’s ok not to feel ok all of the time.” – Group member

“First off, this was my first time ever in a Men’s group! I was skeptical, curious and cautious. Those 12 weeks we had improved my social and emotional intelligence. Had the opportunity to be open and candid and listen to great men and build a bond I will take with me. I got to analyze and and take with me their experiences and apply them and not feel ashamed or scared. One of the greatest opportunities I have had!” – Group member

“I was unsure of what to expect coming in. I’d never been in a support group before and I had my suspicions at the beginning. As the sessions went on, I found it easier to open up and I bonded with guys who experienced the same things I did. It’s really refreshing to speak on certain topics in safe spaces, and that’s what I found in this group. I’m very glad I joined and I would highly recommend this group to anybody considering joining.” – Group member

“My life‘s journey has brought me to a place where I’m looking at masculinity / patriarchy and my part in it. I personally have had a hard time finding balance between being the nice guy and the cocky dude. I either get too big or too small. Growing up I didn’t have solid male role models. I was never given the tools to find out what it meant to “be a man”; besides what I have seen on TV or messages that were passed down from uncles and family friends. When I saw that Kamal was offering a men’s group with topics regarding what it means to be a man, outside of the constructs that society puts us in – I signed up right away. The topics we covered were on point, from communication with loved ones to looking at the messages that were passed down from caregivers that I felt, set me up to ultimately fail as a man. I came into the group nervous and scared not knowing what to expect other than i trusted Kamal. I came out stronger and clearer with communication within my relationships and more confident in my own truth. I can see more clearly now, when my confidence turns to cockiness or the “nice guy.” I feel that I am closer to landing, (for the most part) somewhere in between. I strive to be more confident, loving and strong. I feel that I now have more tools to find balance.” – Group member

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