Counseling for Athletes

Train Your Mind and the Body Will Follow

We understand that the life of an athlete is demanding, both physically and mentally. Whether you’re a high school athlete balancing academics and sports, a college player aiming for a professional career, or a professional athlete striving to maintain peak performance, our specialized counseling services are designed to support you at every stage of your athletic journey.I understand and can relate to that struggle. One thing I’ve found with my work with young adults is that deep down inside they all already know what they need/want to do in life, they just need validation and support to lead a life that is meaningful and productive. I can offer support and guidance to help discover their goals and help overcome mental barriers that get in the way.

We believe that mental resilience, emotional balance, and a positive mindset are as crucial as physical training and skill development. Our goal is to provide comprehensive counseling services that help athletes overcome challenges, enhance their performance, and maintain overall well-being.

Our Services

                 Individual Counseling

    • Performance Anxiety: Learn techniques to manage and reduce anxiety before and during competitions, enabling you to perform at your best.
    • Stress Management: Develop strategies to handle the pressures of balancing sports, academics, and personal life.
    • Injury Recovery: Receive emotional and mental support during injury recovery, helping you stay motivated and positive.
    • Goal Setting: Work with a counselor to set realistic, achievable goals and create actionable plans to reach them.
    • Confidence Building: Build and maintain self-confidence through personalized counseling sessions that focus on your strengths and achievements.
      Group Counseling

      • Peer Support: Connect with fellow athletes who understand your experiences and can offer support and encouragement.
      • Skill Workshops: Participate in workshops that teach valuable skills such as mindfulness, visualization, and stress reduction techniques.
      • Team Dynamics: Enhance team cohesion and communication through group therapy sessions that address common challenges and foster a supportive team environment.